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This post is for anyone who is following my $100K system (as set out on my other blog: http://elliesearningchallenge.ws/)

We will be using this system to help you gain a steady flow of referrals for multiple sites, as well as gaining followers for your blog.

This is a copy and paste blog post (but feel free to adjust as you choose to make it more individualised. I suggest you do keep my name on there as it will help add a bit of clout…… many people online know my name already 🙂 ).

Blog Subject: Can I Earn $100,000 Online?

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I almost can’t believe I am writing this blog post……. because I never thought I would actually know for sure that earning $100,000 online is achievable for me personally.

I mean I had high hopes it would be true, but now I KNOW I can and will make it.

The plan is actually very simple when you know what you are doing. Its clear, and easy to follow, and EVERYONE can do it. Its even free to start and works worldwide too…….

How Does It Work?

I am using the system created by Ellie Murphy, which is all about earning a little cashflow first, using a couple of free sites.

You DO NOT have to spend a lot of time on these sites, just about 1 hour per day doing simple tasks like ad clicks (which again everyone can do).

Earning just $0.10 or $0.20 per day can and does create incredible income potential with this system.

The sites I will be using are listed below with links if you want to look at them yourself:



Free Bitcoin

(Add whatever free sites you want, with your ref links but keep to about 5)

Building High Level Income From Zero

Most people think its not possible to build income of $100K without spending a penny to get started. I have watched Ellie actually do this though, so I know it does work.

You just need to generate a small amount of cash each day from the free sites. That small amount of cash is then used to create an ever increasing daily earning amount. Ellie teaches 3 very specific ways to multiply the money you earn from $0.10 per day to $0.50 to $1 to $10 and $100+.

It is this daily cash flow which pays for all the advertising and tools that you will ever want or need to succeed online.

You don’t need a lot of tools, just enough to create a fully automated team building system……..and this is set up with a few clicks and copy and paste. Its made very easy so it can be replicated by even the least technically minded person.

Just in case anyone does need a bit of extra help and guidance…… well there is also a real person who will take the time to really make sure that you understand and have things set up correctly.

Then you just watch as your income grows and grows.

I will be sharing my personal progress on this plan via this blog AND I will be explaining EXACTLY what I am doing each step of the way.

That way you will see for yourself that I am making constant progress.

If you want to watch me earn $100,000 you are very welcome to do so……. Hopefully when you see my progress it will inspire you to join me so we can progress together though.

My ultimate goal is to show others how to use this simple and effective system too!

Making a lot of money online really does not have to be hard, you just need a simple system that works!

So I can let you know when I add a new post to my blog do take a moment to add your details below:

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and I suggest you test it to make sure it works……


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