Using A Combined Approach Online Is Best Practice

When I get asked about my personal approach to making money online, I explain that I use a combined system. In my opinion it is the fact that I use a blog, email marketing, and social media all at the same time that makes me so successful.

When I look at this in more detail it makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective. The blog is my value base – it is where I can provide a lot of guidance and training for my followers. The email marketing part allows me to have consistent contact with those who have opted in to my information update lists, and social media allows me to have real time conversations.

Of course I can share my blog posts on email and social media as well as just publishing the new posts on my blog.

How Does It Work?

This is basically how my lead generation and conversion systems work:

I write a blog post to provide guidance and valuable information to those who follow me and request information.

Using a lead capture page, traffic sites, and options such as My Lead Gen Secret, I build my contact list of HIGHLY TARGETED subscribers – For example I have multiple lists of people interested in a specific topic such as, passive income, blogging, making money online, affiliate marketing etc.

When someone opts in to my email list I will send them a welcome email which tells them more about me. I also invite them to join my relevant Facebook group so they can get to know me better, and so I can provide them with extra support.

I share my blog posts in my Facebook group as well as via email so I increase the number of people who see and read them.

My followers get to know me, find out that I am indeed experienced online and know what I am talking about because of my blog posts. This increases the level of trust they have in what I am saying.

I then share information about a particular earning site, traffic site, or affiliate offer……. and because my followers know I am genuine and honest in my reviews and guidance, they join the sites that I recommend or purchase the offers I share with them.

As I only share quality sites and offers, this reinforces the trust, and the number of followers I have just keeps increasing day by day.

Best of Three Worlds

As you can see from my explanation above, I am basically combining 3 of the most powerful marketing approaches. It works because with my blog I am positioning myself as an expert who is willing and able to guide others properly and clearly. I also use my blog to share my own results and those I am teaching. Then I use the 2 most effective methods of sharing those guides and earning proof: email marketing and social media.

In my experience it is this combination that makes my systems so effective.

It is a simple system to replicate as well. I use:

Global Domains International to host my blog. I provide step by step guidance on how to start a blog, and some copy and paste blog posts for those who join GDI using the link provided.

Leadsleap to create capture pages and email follow ups. As I am upgraded here I also run 20 automated ads to the huge members list on this site.

I use various Traffic sites to promote my lead capture pages to gain subscribers. Some of my favourite traffic sites are:

These are my favourites to recommend because anyone can earn an upgrade on these just by viewing other member ads.

Lastly I use Facebook Groups to gain real time connections to my followers.

My Advice For New Marketers

  • Make sure you have a system in place to help you to position yourself as someone who is willing to share knowledge with others.
  • Let others get to know who you are – don’t hide behind pictures of cartoon characters etc, people want to see YOUR face and know you are a real person.
  • Focus on learning real marketing skills (such as email marketing). It takes time and effort, but when you do that you can promote anything you choose effectively.
  • Keep going even when you are struggling to get the results you want, because it is a steep learning curve. You will start to make progress when you follow a tried and tested system like the one I use. It just takes a bit of time.
  • Break down your goals to small achievable steps and celebrate the small wins. For example when you reach 10 subscribers on your email list, then 20 etc etc.
  • Remember success online is like nothing else you have ever tried. The rewards are completely unlimited and very much worth working for.
  • Shortcuts are usually a way for others to empty your bank account and fill theirs. They do not work 99% of the time….


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