Step 5 – Writing Your First Blog Post!

Yes it is time to get that first blog post written and published. I promise to make it very simple…… I will even provide you with a post you can copy and paste if you want to use it.

The first post you are going to add is one which is designed to help you get referrals on Elite List Building, which is my traffic and training site (or you can adjust it to promote another site if you prefer).

The post I recommend you add is below and I have put the whole post into bold to show you what to copy (make sure you add your own referral link for ELB):

10 Reasons All Marketers Should Join Elite List Building.

If you are working online then I highly recommend you take a few moments to join the site called Elite List Building.

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Why Should You Join Elite List Building?

  1. All marketers need good advertising and this site will give you some for free when you join.
  2. This site is specifically designed to help everyone to earn real money online regardless of experience levels or current financial position. It helps to build 100 different income streams easily.
  3. There is a large team of promoters working to add new members to this site every single day. This means there are always fresh new viewers available to advertise to.
  4. The admin works hard to really make sure that all members will succeed online. This includes a lot of free training as well as earning plans to follow.
  5. The admin deliberately focuses on bringing new opportunity seekers into Elite List Building so you are not just promoting to other marketers who only want to advertise to you.
  6. There are several referral rotator systems in place to help you gain team members on autopilot.
  7. Due to the system on site where members are taught how to earn online in a simple and effective way there is a lot higher percentage of members who have upgraded. This means you are not promoting just to free opportunity seekers.
  8. Those who want to become successful online need to learn certain skills such as building a contact list. Elite List Building not only teaches you how to do this, but this site does it for you.
  9. You can earn up to 80% commission on sales made on site. Thanks to the referral rotator system this can provide fully passive income for you.
  10. The admin is always working to add value to the site. There is already plenty provided but there is a lot still to come. Plans are currently underway to help members make affiliate sales on autopilot for example.

Those are just 10 reasons why you should join Elite List Building. There are many more which I haven’t even mentioned. To find out exactly what this site is all about I suggest you join today:

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Remember to add Your Name to the Bottom of Your Post…..

In step 6 I explain about monetising this blog post:

Click Here for Step 6

A Note About Copying Blog Posts.

I have provided this blog post simply to help you to get started blogging as soon as possible with a post that I know will help you make some money online. Please DO NOT copy posts that you do not have express permission to copy. Writers like myself spend a lot of time and effort writing and those posts are COPYWRITE PROTECTED. The words legally belong to the writer and you can be sued for copying posts.

In addition it is important that there are not a lot of copies of the exact same post online. That reduces the effectiveness of posts because search engines will not list them on search results. They are deemed to be low quality and are excluded for this reason.

It is MUCH better to use a blog post such as the one I have provided above and use it as inspiration to write your own post. Include a link to that original post to give the writer the credit for inspiring you. Your readers will get to hear your voice and your opinion when you do this. It also increases their level of trust and interest in what you have to say. By all means copy the post above to help you get started……. but I suggest you work on changing the words at least to avoid the problem of having your blog marked as “Low Quality”. Its very hard to change that after it has been rated this way.

How To Publish Your First Blog Post

Lets look at the actual steps now that you need to take to publish your post.

In the WordPress dashboard click on “Posts” and then “Add New”. There are a few different places you will see the add new option but I tend to use the one at the top of the list of blog posts.

When you click that you will be taken to a new blank blog post page. You just write the content here and save it until you are ready to post it. You will see the Add Title part is larger text and it will automatically show this as a headline of your post.

You will also see the words Type/to choose a block. The blocks are different types of blog content such as paragraph, image, headline etc. You can do a lot with these to make your post more interesting and interactive.

I will be showing you how to use the different block types to adjust the appearance of your blog posts, including how to add links etc to your post. I will also be teaching you about categories and tags and all the other things that appear in the white sidebar to the right of your blog page before you publish it.

Save and Preview

When you are writing the content of your blog post it will automatically save at certain points, but its a good idea to do this manually as well. You can click on the preview button to check what it looks like before you publish it too. These buttons are at the top of your page:

Publish and Pre Publish Checks

When you are ready for your post to go live click on the bule Publish Button. The system will then open the Pre-Publish Checks list. This is a great reminder for you to double check everything is as you want it to be before it goes live. Don’t worry though you can always change it back to draft or edit it after its been published.

To make your first blog post live, just click on the publish button a second time…… and hey presto it will be online.

What Do You Want To Learn To Do Next?

While writing your blog post and publishing it I am sure you will have come across something that you are unsure about how to do.

Please comment below to let me know what it is that you want to learn about. That way I can publish information that you are looking for ASAP.

While I wait on comments I will move on to Sharing Your First Blog Post. After all your post is not going to do anything for you until other people start reading it.

Ellie xx


  1. I would like to change the size of font and maybe even the font itself as well as Bold and Italic options. Are there any tools anywhere to be able to do this (like in Word)? Thanks.
    Enjoying these tutorials immensely.

    1. Yes there are all kinds of settings for the text. I will definitely go into all of that! Am writing the sharing your blog post guide and how to make money doing that first then will be covering text and images.

  2. Hi Ellie, I’ve just written my first blog post, really just introducing myself before I start writing any real content, which has been good to refresh my memory about how wordpress works. My first question is about images. Where do you get yours from or how do you put them together? Thanks

  3. Love it – I’m going to use this post just to get something up – I’ve changed a few words here and there; but moving forward I do want to use my own content and have some ideas! Thanks Ellie!

    1. Brilliant and yes get something posted on your blog and then you can work on something of your own!
      I look forward to reading your new posts 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Edward, do you have a button image or text which says to join here?

      The easiest option is the text one. For that you write the text then highlight it and click on the link icon above.
      I did a video showing this in the Facebook group if you need it!

    1. You need to highlight the Click Here To Join Free text and then click the link symbol. It will pop up a new box to paste your link into. Submit that and your text will become the link.

  4. Hi Ellie

    Great Post, But the New version of WordPress design is totally different now to your version and i have been finding it quite hard to get everything to look clean and symmetrical, still having some issues with how front page looks etc,

    Would like a blog on how to setup this new design WordPress layout, especially the header design as still having issues with spacing etc.


  5. Thanks for all the great info Ellie I used your first post and it’s live. Made sure my ref link was correct all I have to do now is place the about, contact, and blog on the site. Then categorize future posts can’t wait to learn how to monetize the site and get traffice.

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