The Plan for Building GDI Downlines

Hand hold wooden cube with PLAN word. The concept of planning in business.

For those following my plan which includes joining my downline on GDI, I am in the process of setting up multiple systems which will all feed into this plan.

The first of my systems has started working very well indeed and it has only been running for about 10 days so far.

The system that I am referring to is My $100K Earning Plan. This is not a distraction from GDI team building, this is a huge part of my earning funnel approach.

I know that several of our GDI team have already started working on this plan, and I am very excited about it. At the moment I have 100 spaces on my one to one $100K guidance system….. actually no there are only 84 spaces left as I write this blog post.

That system is all about me helping those 100 people to also gain 100 active and engaged referrals over time. There is a very clear plan that we are following and people are literally jumping on faster than I can type.

If you want to register your interest in joining too then please leave a comment on this blog post: I will be contacting those who have commented there regarding what will be involved.

Just in case I haven’t made it clear already…….. thats 100 referrals on GDI for each person (as well as on other sites).

Ellie xx

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