Step 6 – Sharing and First Steps of Monetizing Your Blog

Now you have your first blog post published it is time to start sharing it and making some money. Already there are 4 different income streams which can be used with your single blog post:

Income Stream 1

The first income stream is gained from the content of your post. I deliberately wrote the first post to show how you can use the content of your blog to promote another site and not GDI. Why? Its important for me to teach you how flexible GDI is when you use the tools it provides and not just focus on the “team build” part of it. I will provide another post to help you promote GDI too!

The first income stream from the post I provided is all about promoting Elite List Building to other marketers. To do this you simply need to share your blog post with other marketers. A great way to start doing this is by sharing your blog post on Facebook – Your own profile and/or work online groups can be a great place to start.

You can also share your blog post on traffic sites, but for some of these you will need what is called a Splash Page – I will teach you more about this in another blog post.

When you share your blog post with people who want to work online you will make money as and when you get referrals on ELB. You will earn commission when they decide to upgrade or when they start to use the earning systems inside it.

You can earn $1 – $100+ for each member you refer to ELB depending on your own membership level and the upgrade chosen.

Inside ELB there are over 100 income streams and so the earnings can vary a lot from that part.

NOTE: You can gain team members on GDI by promoting Elite List Building too. Just make sure you have updated the ref link inside the system with your GDI link. (For info your ref link for GDI is:

Income Stream 2

The second income stream you gain with this system is from the traffic site itself. On Hungry for Hits for example, you will make money just by surfing to earn ad credits to promote your blog post.

Learn how to earn on Hungry for Hits Here

Income Stream 3

Although the first post I recommended is for promoting ELB there is a very simple way to use it to promote GDI at the same time. For this you need to make a simple adjustment to your blog post.

Using the edit post option, go to the bottom and add the bold text below:

This Blog Post Was Created Using the Tools Provided By Global Domains International. To learn how to do this too please email me on (insert your email address).

You can include a link to GDI in that text by highlighting the text and using the link feature as well as shown below:

Later in this course I will teach you how to update this text to provide an automated email marketing box like the one I have added to the end of my posts.

Income Stream 4

I feel like I have saved the best for last here, because this income stream is built directly from getting views of your blog post. Yes you can earn just for people looking at your post.

To add this income stream you need to have an account with Leadsleap first. The option for earning we will be adding is called PPC Earnings (Pay Per Click Earnings).

There are 2 different ways to earn this type of income, and I will provide you with a step by step guide to include it in your blog posts.

While I write that guide you can work on income streams 1 – 3. You could start making money today when you do that.

Ellie xx


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