A Unique Way To Use Your Blog

The best thing about having a blog of your own is the fact that you can do pretty much anything with it. You are limited only by your imagination……

Today I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to get a lot of interest in your blog while you also work on promoting 2 specific sites.

The sites that you will be promoting in this post are:

Global Domains International (GDI)


With these 2 sites you can become a real marketing machine.

There is a LOT of information provided in this training as it puts together a whole marketing campaign. I suggest you use it one section at a time.

As this training post is only going to my downline on GDI I know you have already joined that site. Do click the link above (or use the one inside Elite List Building) to join Leadsleap too if you have not already got an account there.

Introducing The Splash Page

The first thing that you need for this system is a copy of a Splash Page. That is a page which is designed to make a bit of a splash…… or grab the attention of those who see it.

Splash pages are great to use on traffic sites, and can direct a lot of people towards your blog post when you use them correctly.

I have designed a splash page specifically for promoting the blog page you are going to be creating in a few moments. The splash page can be viewed here: https://llpgpro.com/xcsclm09

You can get a copy of this page into your Leadsleap account by importing it. To do that click on Page Manager inside your leadsleap account, then click on the add a new campaign button. Enter the name: Unique Earning System

In the campaign section that appears with this name, click on the +add a new page to start button as shown below:

When you click this button you are given 2 options – Add A Blank Page OR Import Using A Share Code:

In the share code option paste this code and click on import now: xnGnfGGkU

You will now have a copy of my Spash Page in your Leadsleap account.

Well done, take a breather if you need to.

The Blog Post

Next you will be making a copy of my blog post which you can see here: https://ellenormurphy.com/unique-system-that-paid-4170-41-already/

To do this you need to have already followed my step by step guide to setting up your WordPress Blog.

When ready to do so take a copy of my blog post called Unique System That Paid $4170.41 Already. Copy across just the text to your own blog post and save it. You may need to copy it in a few sections to avoid copying the form and ads parts.

Editing Your Blog Post

There are 2 sections of the blog post that you will be adding when you edit it:

The opt in form

The Ad Widget from Leadsleap

This section is a little technical but follow the steps provided to walk you through this part. Do ask for assistance in my Blog Training Facebook Group if you need it.

Create The Opt In Form

First you will create an opt in form on Leadsleap. You need to do this using the Form/Pop Up Manager section. A few clicks and this will be done…..

Click on Add A New Campaign Button and give it the title Unique Earning System. Click on Add A New Form To Start and then import the form I have created for you using the code: VfNGVZWWku

You now have the form in your Leadsleap account.

Well done, take a breather if you need to!

Next you need to copy the code for this form and put it into a special section (block) on your blog post.

You will add the block to your blog post first and then copy the code into the block.

Adding A Block To Your Blog Post

Your blog posts on WordPress consist of different kinds of Blocks, some are for text, some will add headings, others will let you add images. To add the opt in form from Leadsleap you need to add a block called Custom HTML.

To do this click on the black + icon on your blog post in the area you want to add the form. If there is no + icon there try adding a line space under the paragraph:

When you click the + icon you will see a search box appear with some block options below it. Enter Custom HTML in the search box or choose it from list underneath:

You will then have a box on your blog post where you will copy across the code from Leadsleap:

The code you will copy from Leadsleap is provided when you click on the Get Code option of the Form Manager:

You will see a drop down menu after clicking on Get Code. Do NOT use the wordpress one, use other websites one instead:

You will be shown the code to copy across in a box. Make sure you copy the full code from inside the box. Paste this code into the HTML box you added to your blog post!

Check the form appears correctly by clicking on the Preview button just above the code box. You should see the form there now:

Well done….. take another breather if you need too! Make sure you save your work on WordPress (though it will automatically save if you forget)

Adding The Ad Widget from Leadsleap

The last thing you need to edit on your blog post will add the Ad Widget (this earns you cash when people click the ads).

Add another custom HTML box to your blog post just as you did before. Now go to the Get Widget Code section of Leadsleap. Ignore everything on this page and click the Get Code Blue Button:

Copy across the code from THE FIRST BOX on the code page:

The image below shows the code copied into the HTML box on my wordpress dashboard:

Click on Preview to make sure the ads show correctly on the post:

The ad widget is now updated so you will earn from the clicks.

Save Your Work……. Close WordPress

My advice is to come back to your post later or the following day before you publish it. Your mind will be clearer so you can check everything is correct before your post goes live.

I will do a checklist so you can make sure it is all correct before publishing.

Ellie xx


  1. I love your no nonsense approach to training and showing us how to do the things we need to get our GDI Blogs up and going. I am learning so much and with each new skill I am learning I am getting more and more ideas on some things I wan to do with future posts. I am anxious to see my efforts begin to produce some income and my list begin to grow.

  2. I cannot get this to work properly, the pop up is not working for me when I test it, if anyone has thiers setup and working propkerly please help me out…THX

  3. Wow, love this Ellie! Thank you so much for all the training you are providing. You simplify so much and give us great ideas of how to market ‘outside the box’. Certainly never met a marketer who would give out so many secrets:-)

  4. Another great training Ellie. You are so open and free with your information. I agree with Susan I have not met another marketer who teaches so much without charging the earth for it.

    1. Ah thanks Bryan, glad you are finding it useful.
      I don’t beleive in charging for the information that people need to succeed online….. I find it a bit unethical if I am honest about it.
      Fact is if you can teach others to succeed you don’t need to charge them for the info to build your own income.
      When others succeed they earn and will happily pay for upgrades etc and that pays commission. That to me is the way it should be online!
      Teach real skills and everyone wins 🙂

  5. LOL don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m moving on I cannot get this to work and I’m tired of trying this one. The info is great and I apprieciate all that Ellie is doing for newbies to blogging like me. There must be something I am missing a step of something I have all the pages setup in Leads Leap as instructed, got my WP Blog saved, I will figure this out one day…lol

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