Our Blogging Team!

As I hope you know by now…… I am guiding all of our GDI Team Members in how to set up a profitable blog.

What you might not know yet is I am setting up a traffic exchange site as well, and this will be dedicated to helping our team of bloggers to get more and more views to their blog posts. The more views you get the more you earn….. so this is going to set your earning on autopilot.

I will add the link to the site here when it is live and ready to accept members!

While I work on setting up the new traffic site for bloggers, I would like to encourage the whole team to visit each others blogs. They may all look quite similar at first…… but they will soon start to develop and grow in different ways.

To make it easy to visit each others blogs please add a link to the comments of this post. That will also allow us all to look out for each other and provide extra guidance and support should we see something that is not working correctly etc.

Ellie xx


    1. Well done Rosa, I know that was a long post to follow and it did indeed require patience and concentration. You completed it perfectly – congratulations you have already got so many skills as a blogger under your belt now!

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