Welcome to Press The Word: Your Blogging Basics Coach!

Welcome to Press The Word.

This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

How simple that is made to sound….. but how to edit or delete and what to write?

If that is your first question when you think about blogging, or have just created a site on WordPress and don’t know what to do next, have no fear, we are here (thats me and my blog!).

My name is Ellie Murphy and I am addicted to blogging. I love it, and I love WordPress and I have been blogging for years. I am not going to talk to you like an expert. No doubt you have already tried to google “Help with WordPress”, or “WordPress for Beginners” and got even more confused and overwhelmed. I know I did that right after googling “What is a blog?” when I was trying to start, and it put me off for months.

Yes I had literally no idea what a blog was when I started and it was still the best decision I made.

Fact is you can start a WordPress Blog within a matter of minutes, but with all those buttons and controls with weird names like “widgets” and “plugins” I can’t blame you for being hesitant….. or even scared of clicking on the wrong thing. Thats why I am starting Press The Word today – you are certainly not alone in wanting to blog but having no idea how to start.

Think of Press The Word as your blogging coach who assumes that you know absolutely nothing about blogging and how it all works….. ok maybe you do know that you need to write stuff, but apart from that you haven’t got a clue.

Press The Word and I will walk you through EXACTLY what to do and how. We will even encourage you to ask for clarification, or ask ANY question about blogging – There is no feeling like you can’t ask the basic questions here….. thats what we are here for!

If you are ready to start your journey into blogging comment below and say hello and we will take it from there. You should also subscribe for my blog updates below so you don’t miss any of my posts:

Ellie xx


  1. Hello, and thanks for starting this training. I’ve done the same type of search on Google, and was completely confused. I’m ready to learn how this all fits together and want to use it as part of an automated system for marketing.

  2. Hello
    Good idea. Of course I want to learn how to set up and publish blogs. I am interested in all the options for making money online.
    All the best

    1. I am sure you are going to love it Rosa, it will get your creative side doing all sorts of things you didn’t know you could do!!

  3. Hey Ellie,
    This is a great idea.
    I do have a blog but I feel I have not set it up to work to it’s best.
    Would be good to go through set-up and make sure I have got it right

    1. Ah thats fantastic that you are blogging already – it does take time to figure everything out, but going through it all step by step will certainly help I am sure!

    1. Great to have you here Roberto, I will be walking you through exactly what to do. As you can see already in the comments here you are far from alone in not knowing where to start.

    1. Its great to have you here Augusto, and we will be covering what to write as well as all the techincal side of things to make it all work for you too!

  4. thanks ellieos i am the next your student .i try my best to write a blog
    i have no websit yet.

  5. Hi Ellios,

    Thankyou for starting the basic coach for setting up a blog. I already have a page at Profit From Free Ads and Sokule, which I did mention to you on facebook, but I write them just like the articles I have published.

    So am interested to know the difference between a Blog and an Article I guess, or is there almost no difference.

    Also I am interested to know the angle that we use for them.

    Sorry for getting a little involved here but can elaborate as we progress.

    Thanks Ellios
    Bob Welcome

    1. Oh fantastic that you are already writing articles. The main difference between a blog and writing on pages on sites like Profit From Free Ads and Sokule, is the fact that you are actually working on branding yourself with a blog, instead of adding value to a site that isn’t yours. Does that make sense? Yes articles in general are going to help to boost your reputation as you are sharing your knowledge, but ultimately you want that knowledge to be on your own site to help you build it independently. You can then use your pages on various sites to drive traffic towards YOUR site (and this traffic can be monetised).

      Hope that helps explain it for you, but feel free to keep asking questions if not!

  6. Hi Ellie! I’m really looking forward to learning more about blogging (it’s always something I’ve wanted to do, but never got round to) – and with you as my guide, I just know it’ll be a great experience.

  7. Hi Ellios,

    Thanks for your response to my prior comment.

    Re Articles and Blogs and the system to use. Jane has advised me to brand myself, which I have been doing for a year or so, but have never had the benefit of being able to work with someone like you to move forward.

    I have many keywords and phrases (long tail keywords). The number is in thousands actually. Eg BobWelcomeRecommends,

    Mainly I have been using my name and recommends
    bobwelcomerecommends which I have previously had a premium account at GDI with this branding phrase but cancelled because I was going nowhere with it. Only about 4/5 months ago.

    I have generally always pushed towards the “Make Money Online” (another keyword phrase) rather than the “Pets” or ‘Food” angle.

    Now that you have gone for “DynamicDog” it seems that heading along that line may be an easier more workable option initially.

    I own “weight loss program” (keyword phrase) and “weight loss recipes” to be a domain/blog name it would be WeightLossRecipes with the capitals to identify the words more easily or WeightLossProgram.

    I would then Itsylinx my wordpress url to that prior phrase.

    Ellios thankyou for your inspiration and Blogging advice.
    As you can see I am full of ideas, but just need to know the process.

    Look forward to hearing from you Regards Bob Welcome

    P.S. I now see that I could write my blog/s and then put them into profit from free ads and Sokule and publish them there as well and always have links within those blogs back to my wordpress or personal website (so as to monetize). There is a social poster in Sokule to 1.5 Mill per day. So could gear up there I guess.

    1. Ah yes Jane is a great traffic site owner and she does a lot for her members.
      Branding yourself is very important as it helps to build your reputation,
      however you need to understand that keywords should be chosen based on search popularity.

      For example “top recommended earning sites” is going to be searched a lot more than “Bob Welcome Recommends”
      I think you have the idea of keywords a little mixed up with using them for branding yourself.
      Don’t worry we will soon get those things all cleared up and you will see a lot more progress.

      Looking forward to developing your blogging plan and how it will fit into your marketing system.

      Ellie xx

  8. Hi Ellie, just joined GDI under you. I’ve had a blog before, but let it go eventually. Looking forward to following along. Quite like making blog posts actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hello Ellie! I’m so looking forward to this as this is something that I’ve always been afraid of and thought I couldn’t do – I’ve actually never seen anyone do this kind of training so thank you!

    1. You are very welcome and indeed I think I am the first to do such training….. certainly others have provided some guidance, but not in the step by step fashion that I love to do. I am really excited about removing so many barriers to success with blogging! xx

  10. Hello, I do relate on all what you said. I was asked to create a Blog account in Google and other sites but don’t know how to start and how to use a website properly. I am thankful to get invited in this training.

  11. Looking forward to more of your content. I’ve tried blogging a few times in the past, but I’ve never stuck with it. Hopefully this time will be different!

  12. At long last some no nonsense help. I tried a blog years ago but it was like wading through treacle finding out how to set it up so I just gave up. Looking forward to following the guides.

  13. Thanks for the info Ellie! I’ve put off blogging because I always thought I didn’t have the time or knew any content to provide. I’m going to follow your coaching and see how it goes. Thanks again!


  14. I also with you, have felt and still believe if I surf 100 pages with ITB, I’ll get there, but getting the referrals to do the same thing is hard. I have two who haven’t surfed squat. Is getting it published like Amazon. I just opened an Amazon store, and m coach told me to go to a bookstore and buy some paperbacks and list them on Amazon, I did, and was shocked when I got back from dinner that I had sales. I didn’t advertise at all. Is publishing a blog going to get me exposure too just like listing something on Amazon?

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