How Do I Create Content My Readers Will Love?

As a marketer, (and hopefully a blogger too), life gets a lot easier when you know what topics your readers are actually interested in. This way you know that the time you are spending on writing is time well spent.

There are all sorts of ways to find out what your readers are interested in, but a favorite method of mine is to use email marketing.

Today I would like to teach you about how to use this method of marketing to improve your readers experience……which in turn improves your marketing results.

For those who haven’t already got email subscribers, I am providing the example below using a program called My Lead Gen Secret. This is a paid lead generation service which gives you access to 100 – 200 new email subscribers daily.

When using a service like this it is very important to know that you are basically using “cold marketing” techniques. That means you have no idea about the people you are contacting – you did not create the list of leads, and don’t know what made them opt in.

Using a service like this becomes a LOT easier and a LOT more effective when you start to learn a little information about the people on your email list. There are some very simple ways to do this when you know how.

Its All About The Subject Line!

The first thing that your leads are going to see when you send an email is The Subject Line. They will make a decision based purely on the small amount of words on that line regarding if they even want to read your email or not.

This means a VERY powerful way to find out more about your audience is to try testing out different topics in the subject line. For example, below you can see some of my latest emails to the leads I receive daily using My Lead Gen Secret:

By looking only at the open rates of these emails I can tell a lot about what topics are most interesting to my readers.

For example, the subject line that talked about automated traffic got just a 3% open rate, so thats not a good one for my list. In comparison the subject lines which talk about affiliate marketing get a 7 – 8% open rate. Now by looking at the CTR (click through rate) as well as the open rate I can see the most action was taken on my email “Why Do People Fail With Affiliate Marketing?”

This is really important information, which I can use to help me curate content that my leads are going to enjoy reading the most. From my email marketing statistics I know a few more things about my leads than I did before.

I know they are much more interested in affiliate marketing than automated traffic, and I know they are also interested in learning more about it. The fact the highest CTR was for a blog post explaining why people fail with affiliate marketing means this is a good topic to explore further.

Next Steps

Now I know more about my personal email list I can use this information to create more content around the same or a similar topic. I will sit down and write a list of ideas for further posts based on this general theme. Here are a few ideas I came up with by doing this:

  • How I personally learned how to succeed with affiliate marketing.
  • Tips to turn affiliate marketing failure into success.
  • Why do people fail online?
  • Easiest Affiliate Marketing Method for Beginners

The one I like best from this list is “Easiest Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” and I actually already have a blog post written which I can use along with this subject line.

I am pretty sure this subject and blog post will get a decent amount of interest when I send it to my leads on My Lead Gen Secret. I can also start to write some new posts based on the other ideas I had as well.

I will let you know how it goes!

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