The Emails That Make Daily Affiliate Sales on AutoPilot

I feel like I have crammed in a lot of information in this short affiliate marketing series already, but today I am discussing the main part that most people want to know about.

Especially if you have been marketing already with capture pages, or indeed using a program such as My Lead Gen Secret which provides 100 – 200 leads per day for you to email.

Regardless of the method you use to gain leads, I will assume you have got some subscribers and want to know about sending them your offer.

How do you write those magic emails which secure the sale for you over and over and over again?

As you can imagine, this is a BIG topic, and an important one. You can gain 100 leads a day, but without good emails to send you can still fall flat on your face and make no sales.

For this reason I am going to focus on the emails part quite a bit, and will share multiple posts about what makes a great email.

Lets start with the basics of what to write (and not write) in your first email to send to subscribers.

3 Tips for Great Emails

I have personally used email marketing for a really long time now, and when I first started out I did everything wrong that I could do wrong…….and I still made progress. The reason for that is because I learned to pay attention to what was happening.

Tip 1:

The first tip and the most useful one I can give you is to send an email and check the stats.

What Email To Send?

The first email to send should always be a welcome one. It should tell the reader something about you, and it should tell them why you are emailing them. It should also work on building TRUST

It needs to be genuine about who you are, what you are planning to send them, and don’t offer something you won’t provide. Do not say you are experienced if you are not…. This is VITAL because how can you build trust with someone if you are not being honest.

Here is an example of a first email that I would send:

Hi ———- (name)

Thank you for joining my email list about working online. I really look forward to sharing my ideas and experiences in this online world with you.

If you don’t already know, I have been working online for over 10 years, am a professional marketer, and am also very successful. I know how to make money online without any cost whatsoever, and I know how to turn small amounts of money into a lot of money.

Those are the main things that I focus on teaching anyone who is new to working online. For those more experienced, I teach more advanced marketing skills.

Regardless of your level of experience, I am interested in one thing only: helping you to make money online. If you ever need extra guidance or support with something I have recommended, or you just want to chat to me about a problem you are having, please do reach out. I love hearing from my subscribers, and am always happy to help out when I can.

Ready to start working?

The first site that I always recommend to others is ………

It might not suit everyone, but it is a good solid free to use earning site that has paid me personally almost $2000. I know it works, and I know how to guide others in using it too. You can find my earning guide and proof of earnings here: (insert blog post)

Have a look and see what you think. If its for you, then great, If its not for you don’t worry I have many more options to share.

Lets get you earning ASAP.

I look forward to the journey.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

Do you see how that email is used to help put my new subscribers at ease? It helps them to know about who I am and what I plan to share with them. It also opens the door to more one to one communication and support. It says I am here to help them in a genuine way.

This email also shares a referral link of a good all round kind of earning site as well as an earning guide. It DOES NOT try to sell anything to my subscriber. It simply provides the information for them to use if they wish to.

After sending a welcome email like this you should check on the stats provided by your email provider. How many people clicked on the link you gave? If the number of clicks are low then you know this is not the right kind of thing to send to your list. If they are high, well good there is some interest in what you sent.

Tip 2:

As already mentioned above I do not and will never try to sell anything to anyone in an email. Other people disagree with me on that, but it is what works for me.

Instead of trying to sell something, I focus on sharing my experiences or those of other people I am teaching.

A favourite paragragh of mine to introduce a site or offer is this:

The other day, I came across something that I thought would be of interest to most of my readers. It is about ________ and having used it for a few days already, I am happy with the quality of it.

If you want to check it out for yourself the link is: ______

I would love to hear back from anyone who tries it too – especially if you get stuck with something, do let me know so I can help out!

Tip 3:

Focus on what you can do for your reader. Think about the person who is reading your email and how they are likely to FEEL about getting it.

Are they likely to be bored because you keep sending the same thing over and over?

Are they getting disheartened because they are not making money yet?

How do you know how they feel? By reading your stats……

Yes there is a certain amount of guesswork involved, but if you pay attention to the stats they will give you feedback on how your subscribers are responding to your emails.

In addition to the stats you can simply ask of course. You might get some good quality replies that help you write better emails, or you might get nothing back at all. It is worth a try though if you are getting no-where.


  1. While this article talks about the importance of using click statistics to learn what your cold list is interested in, have you used quizzes as a filter?

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