Building Traffic To Your Blog – Step 1

Without visitors to your blog absolutely nothing is going to happen. No one will read your great content, no-one will join your email list, no one will join any sites you are promoting, and no-one will purchase any products you are trying to sell.

In other words a blog is useless without traffic.

There are a load of different ways to get traffic to your blog, and with this guide I am basically going to tell you exactly what I am doing step by step to build my own traffic levels to this new blog. You can copy exactly what I do, or adjust it to suit yourself.

Choose A Single Post To Promote

The first thing I will be doing is choosing a single post that I want to focus on promoting. I have several really good pages that are designed to help me get new team members joining GDI, and this is my current focus.

The page I am going to be promoting is: The Number 1 Way To Earn Passive Income Online

You can of course use any page you want to work on. Later we will be choosing more pages to promote as well.

Create A Lead Capture Page

The next step that I take in promoting a specific page of my blog is to create a relevant Lead Capture Page. This will be used to create a list of people who are specifically interested in building passive income.

The Lead Capture Page I am using for this blog post is below, and has been created on Leadsleap (import code is mNGZVNVZZU):

Link Page To Blog Post

The next thing that I do is to create a link between the capture page and the blog post I am wanting to promote. To do this I have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Direct people to my blog post as soon as they have submitted their details on the capture page.
  2. Wait until after they have confirmed their email address before directing them to the post.
  3. Adding the blog post link inside my welcome email.

Personally I prefer using options 2 & 3, though if it is purely traffic I want I will use option 1. Usually you are better to make sure the email addresses are confirmed as this gives you the chance of building a relationship with your email subscribers. That in turn will lead to more conversions (sign ups in this case).

To set up the automated system for redirecting your subscribers after they have confirmed their email address you need to add the link to your blog post into the List Customazation Form on Leadsleap:

To find this form you need to open the list manager, then click on the little cog symbol for the list settings. Copy and paste the blog post link into the rediction box as highlighted in red above.

The url for the blog post I want to promote is: so I copy this into the box and save it.

Drive Traffic To Lead Capture Page

The next thing I do is set up the traffic source. Personally I prefer to use fully automated traffic for promoting blog posts so it runs 24/7.

The first site I set up is Leadsleap. As I am upgraded there I can have 20 ads running for me constantly. Today I allocate 1 of those ads to promoting my new capture page.

Set Up Welcome Email on Leadsleap

As soon as I have finished setting up the ad, I go to the welcome email set up in Leadsleap. Note that you can only use this feature if you are upgraded to Pro on there. Free members can send emails manually with the broadcast option.

To set up the welcome email, you click on the single envelope icon under the email list manager. Here is the welcome email I have added:

This means there are 2 chances of the person actually reading this blog post: First when confirming their email, and then if they read my welcome email.

Now I sit back and wait for traffic to start hitting the lead capture page.

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