How A Single $15 Payment Covers My $30 Monthly Fees for My Lead Gen Secret

If you have looked at or joined My Lead Gen Secret already you will know that it costs $30 a month for 100 or 200 email leads per day.

Lots of people are using My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) to make regular affiliate marketing sales (including me), and the earning reports are showing $1000+ of sales for quite a few of them.

By sharing blog posts on MLGS I am personally making daily affiliate sales and have earned well over $1000 with it.

At the same time however, there are also lots of people who are reporting 0 sales in months and months. Others are running at a constant loss even if they are making some sales. This is obviously a big problem as this account becomes a drain on finances instead of a income method.

Fact is, accounts with a monthly fee can be a bit of a risk. If you are not able to build your earnings enough to cover the cost ASAP then they are making your financial situation worse instead of better.

There is a very simple solution to this problem however, and it is one that I would recommend to all who want to work online. I call it earn before you pay, which is a principle that has led me to massive success.

Basically what I do is make sure that I am earning enough to cover any monthly costs IN ADVANCE.

My Earning Plan for MLGS

Here is the specific earning plan that I used to cover my costs for MLGS in advance:

I used the free site called Timebucks to earn $15. I did that mostly with ad clicks, simple tasks and a few surveys.

I put that $15 into a site called Omni Rev and purchased 15 x $1 ad packs. Those pay $0.01 per day per pack so I started off earning $0.15 per day.

When I had earned $15 back I withdrew that initial fund pot and moved $10 into another site called Ad Pack Share Club. Without depositing another penny I started purchasing more packs on Omni Rev and Ad Pack Share Club just with the daily earnings. I have now built my Omni Rev site up so it pays me $0.48 per day and Ad Pack Share Club pays me $0.58 per day as well.

Now, I am not going to pretend this happened quickly. It took months to reach those levels, however I was determined to build them with a single $15 payment – I could have added a lot more to my account to start with so I would be earning much faster. A single $100 deposit into Omni Rev would immediately cover the $1 a day cost of MLGS. It would ALSO keep covering the cost way past the 3 month timescale of MLGS costing $90.

Simply by using the principle of earn before you pay, I have saved myself a lot of money. Instead of paying out $360 in total for a years worth of MLGS leads I have paid out $15 instead. Thats quite a saving don’t you think?

From that $15 payment I have also earned over $1000 in affiliate sales……which makes it even more sweet!

In fact I am still growing my daily earnings from that single $15 payment. It builds faster and faster all the time, and I will soon be earning a $1 a day excess which will pay for other monthly fee accounts as well.

There are ALWAYS ways to work online that make you more money than you ever pay out……. if you work smartly.

Ellie xx


    1. Hi David, what I suggest you do with this is use it as the basis of creating your own story. For example you could use the same system to cover your costs for GDI…… this would help you to get people building their $10 a month to be long term GDI members 😉

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