Making Daily Affiliate Sales Step 1

When you want to make daily affiliate sales the first step in this process is to learn about the correct target audience to share your offer with.

Most people starting out with affiliate marketing (or indeed any kind of marketing) believe the more people who see their offer, the better chance there is of getting a sale.

There are many problems with this idea, but the main one I like to highlight is this:

If your offer is for a steak dinner and you stand outside a popular restaurant to give away your offer for free. How many people do you think would accept the offer?

You would think that has a reasonable chance of success, right?

Now you find out the restaurant is for vegetarians.

Will the number of people you talk to make any difference?

Fact is you could stand outside that restaurant every day for a year and speak to millions of people and you still wouldn’t get a ‘sale’.

Why? Because you are talking to the wrong people.

Your Target Audience

The example above is why you need to start off by thinking about the correct target audience for your offer. Look at some basic concepts at first and then keep trying to get more specific.

For example, if you are wanting to sell an offer which costs $50 then obviously the target audience need to have $50 available.

If your offer that costs $50 is also about getting traffic to a website, your target audience are people who have a website already.

In other words, you need to really look at the offer you are wanting to promote and ask “Who is most likely to want to buy this?” After you have identified something about that target audience it becomes a lot easier to find them.

Successful Selling Depends on Good Targeting!

Targeting is the number one skill that you need to learn if you want to make daily affiliate sales.

How To Find People from Your Target Audience?

After you know something about your target audience then it gets a lot easier to find them. For example, an ad in a magazine for website owners would work well for the website traffic offer example above…..

When you are working online and wanting to make affiliate sales there are a number of places you will find your target audience. The share your offer type of traffic sites are a very popular resource, but you do need to be aware these sites have lists of people who are NOT all going to be your target audience.

If you want to try this kind of traffic site feel free to try the one that I created: Elite List Building

You could even use a site that provides you with people to email each day such as My Lead Gen Secret

When using this kind of site you need to learn how to filter out those people who are in your target audience from those who are not.

The most effective tool for doing this is called a lead capture page.

This tool is used by professional marketers to gain access to the contact details of people in their target audience. For example here is a lead capture page that I personally use to create a list of people who are interested in affiliate marketing and improving their skills:

When I share this page on traffic sites etc, I am creating a target audience of people who are interested in affiliate marketing, but also a very specific type of person: People who are not making sales yet, or who want to make more sales.

In other words, I am looking for people who are going to be most interested in the kind of information that I am sharing in these affiliate marketing blog posts.

AFTER I have the contact details of those people in my target audience, I can send them the links to these posts and know they are reasonably likely to be interested in what I have to say.

I do hope you are enjoying the training so far….

I also know that those people who want to learn more about improving their sales levels are likely to be interested in the tools that I personally use to make daily affiliate sales already.

I love the tools that are offered by Leadsleap, and have found them to be highly effective in helping me to generate daily affiliate sales. If you want to work on creating capture pages, or indeed try using the one I have added above, you can do so with a 100% free account on Leadsleap.

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If you would like to import a copy of my capture page as shown above, you will find the step by step instructions on how to do it in my blog post: Affiliate Marketing Campaign #1- Instant Profits Club

That post also provides the full details of one of my most successful affiliate campaigns, which you are free to copy and use for yourself. I have generated over $1000 of sales with this single campaign already as you can see below:

In addition to the sales above I have also earned over $2000 on Leadsleap at the same time which you can see below. Its a great account to have for many reasons!

Ellie xx


    1. That is indeed the exact problem Bryan, its a mistake that many people make and to be honest a lot of people don’t want you to learn how to do it well.

      We will soon change that around!
      Ellie xx

  1. Goodness Ellie, you are really keeping us on our toes! I’ve never learnt so much as you have taught us in such a short space of time. I knew some stuff about marketing, but you are filling in all the blanks. I’ve heard about targeting, but found it quite tedious; you have made it sound simple and possible. Thanks!

    1. Well I am so happy that you are learning so much and quickly too.
      Targeting is actually quite simple when you understand it better, but most people talk about it in ways that make it sound complicated and hard work…… its not!
      You will soon be targeting like a pro marketer if I have anything to do with it!!

      Ellie xx

  2. This is really good for thought. I have definitely learned a bit just by reading this. Targeting is key because it kills things that waste time and resources. I already thought of a mistake I have made in most of my campaigns just from reading this post. This is definitely helpful on the path to daily sales.

    1. Brilliant to hear John that this single blog post has really helped you to look at your own campaigns and improve them.
      Lots more for you to learn yet I am guessing, but we will soon see improved results for you I am sure.

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