What Makes A Great Blog Post?

At the moment I am really pleased with how the training is going for all my student bloggers. So many people have got over their “How Do You Actually Start Blogging?” barrier and the blog posts are really starting to flow.

Some people are still a little unsure and lacking confidence, but I know that will soon disappear too. I am super excited about watching everyone develop into bloggers who are making money daily from their posts, and having so many other blogging fans to chat to about this strangely addictive activity as well.

Today I was just sitting, looking out the window at the rain falling on my garden, and pondered what I should teach next.

Now that so many people are over their initial fear of starting, have copied and pasted some blog posts that I provided, I thought a bit of encouragement for writing unique and personal posts was a great next step.

So, what does make a great blog post?

Well….. have you enjoyed reading my story so far? Are you interested in finding out what comes next? If you are then you are not alone…. because one of the best types of blog post are those which tell a story. Not just any story, but a personal story about something which your readers are likely to relate to.

Stories work because they’re personal.

Followers relate to stories, and want to know about how you felt, what you did, what happened, what you thought, what you loved and what you didn’t.

Stories create a connection with your audience that you just can’t have when you are not sharing what is going on for you. They help your audience to get to know you better, and let them glimpse into your world. We are all nosy, and curious, and interested in other people – we are social beings after all.

So today I am challenging you to think about a personal story that you can share with your readers. It doesn’t have to be long but make it REAL.

If you can make it something that worked out well for you because we all love a happy ending….. Those stories inspire others to try something too!

Oh and I would love to read your stories when they are published, so share them with me and my blogging buddies in my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/elliesblogtraining

I bet when you do that you will get some comments and blog <3 too!

Ellie xx

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