Sharing Your Blog Posts (Content Marketing)

I have noticed a few of our group members asking about sharing blog posts…… so here is my guide.

The main thing to remember is with blog posts you are sharing VALUABLE information which can often answer peoples questions. This is a lot different from sharing ads which can and do sometimes make people shut off from responding. Content Marketing gets a very different response and so you can use it a lot differently from ads.

Share In Our Group

The first thing I suggest you do is share your post in our Blogging Group. Yes I know many of the posts will be the same initially because you are copying posts that I have provided…… but as a team we can still support each other. Getting some comments on your blog post feels really great, and it helps to show others (including google etc) that your post is of value. So if you see someone sharing their post in the group take a moment to provide a little support to them by leaving a comment.

Later when you start writing very different posts this will be very interesting to other group members I am sure.

Your Facebook Profile

Another great place to share your blog posts is to your own Facebook profile (and other social media sites too). Even if your friends have no interest in working online you can say you are starting a new journey and ask them for a little help and support with your new blog. Ask them to proof read or double check that it all makes sense for example. ALL traffic that goes to your blog is useful in various ways….. especially if you have monetised your views!

Remember you can also add a link to your blog in the about me section of your profile. That gets me quite a lot of views and subscribers.

Niche Groups

There are hundreds if not thousands of work online groups on Facebook, and even though most of them are a bit rubbish there are some good ones too. The fact that you are sharing a blog post in them, and not an ad also stands out. Remember that a lot of people on Facebook have no idea about marketing – posts that teach marketing skills will be well received by many people.

Tip: Search for MARKETING groups.

Traffic Exchanges

Some traffic exchanges will accept your direct blog posts into the exchange, and some won’t. The ones that won’t let you add a link to the ad section of the exchange may very well allow you to add that link to another part of the site. On Hungry for Hits for example there is a blog section which you can post to, and a marketing page which you can add your link to. Both of these can then be shared in the ad exchange section of the site.

Another option for traffic exchanges is to use a capture page to work on building your email list. You can then send a new blog post to your subscribers quite easily, even with a free Leadsleap account.

You can also share splash pages where there is a link to view your blog post included on the page.


Most mailers will allow you to send a blog post link (or again a capture page or splash page).

Just like on Facebook groups sending a blog post instead of an ad can get a lot of attention. It also allows you to stand apart from the crowd in terms of being a more serious marketer.

When using mailers to share your blog post directly you can keep the email really short and to the point. Something like “Interested in ______? I’ve just written a blog post about that. Click the link below to check it out!

Other Blogs and Info Sites

Although it is considered as spamming if you simply add a link to your blog to the comments of other peoples blogs, you can add your link to the website section of a comment. Using this properly, ie by leaving a genuine comment which adds value to the post, will help to get you visits to your blog as well.

The same thing can be said of info style sites where people post questions. As long as your post actually helps to answer the question then you can get some good traffic this way. Again do NOT spam as that just reduces your reputation as a serious marketer.


Another great place to share links to blog posts is on related forums. Many of these will allow you to create a signature with your own website link in them. Again answering questions in a genuine way will help you to get the right sort of attention.

Search for Marketing Forums and Work Online Forums and you will find quite a list!

Writing Articles

There are some sites such as MLM Gateway where you can write articles and include a few links to your relevant blog posts. These tend to provide very good high quality traffic if you take the time to write an interesting article that discusses a popular topic.

You can also simply share a link to blog posts on MLM Gateway in the dashboard section.

How Frequently to Share Blog Posts?

Personally I try to share a blog post on traffic sites around once or twice a week. You can use the tracking links in Leadsleap to share them and this will get you extra PPC earnings as well as some info on the number of visits your link has got from a specific site. Use this to create a list of 5 or 10 sites that work well for sharing on and use them regularly.

Blog post sharing to traffic sites will help to raise your status as a marketer, and you will gain followers who read all your posts. Use this in addition to sharing capture pages and not instead of – the combination will work well.

On some sites, like forums and info sites you can leave a single comment and it will get blog post visits and followers for months and even years. Building a following this way will get you a lot of traffic as well as increase the status of your blog.

Articles also tend to get a lot of interest and can provide a steady flow of traffic for a long time. They can be worth the effort of posting every month or two.

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