The Key To Making More Affiliate Sales

I was chatting to someone in my Affiliate Marketing Training Group today about getting no sales…… and I quickly determined that they were sending cold market visitors direct to a sales page.  

By cold market visitors I mean people who have never heard from you before, or only briefly.

Thats a big NO NO and I am going to explain why! 

Every bit of marketing training I have ever taken, tells me that people buy from people they know, like and trust.  Its absolutely key to the decision process for buyers.  

This is especially true when working online and the risk of scams is pretty high.  

So how exactly are potential buyers going to get to know, like and trust YOU if they are not given the opportunity to do so? 

You might think the trust part is built on the sales page….. but it is not.  Most people know that sales pages are designed to get them to spend money and so can and do say all sorts of things that might be hard to believe.  

Compare that with someone you have gotten to know and you trust their opinion of something.  If that person says its a good product that will tell you more than any sales page will.  

This means if you want to make consistent sales then your potential customers need to trust YOU. 

Personally I build trust by sharing blog posts, providing genuine reviews, guidance about how to actually make money online, and various training and emails.  How do you build trust? 

If you are not providing a way for potential customers to get to know more about the type of person that you are, well its going to reduce your sales figures significantly. Its quite amazing the difference it makes!

My advice is to ALWAYS work in a way that allows people to get to know who you are, and helps potential customers learn to trust what you say. Never share low quality products for the sake of getting a quick sale either as nothing will ruin trust as fast.

Not sure how to work on building trust? My top recommendation is to join our blogging team – we will soon have this problem resolved with our copy and paste blog posts!

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Ellie xx

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